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Occupational Therapy

nurse helping patient on how to walkOur occupational therapists are dedicated to work hard in improving the lives of our patients who have become dependent in doing their daily tasks. Because of their condition, these patients need their help and assistance so that they could do the things they want to do again. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Help patients with disabilities to function well
  • Help and assist patients in recovering from injuries and illnesses
  • Assist patients in regaining their skills
  • Provide support to patients who experienced changes in their physical and mental states
  • Determine the goals and objectives of the patient
  • Offer customized intervention for the patient to improve daily performance and reach goals
  • Evaluate outcomes to ensure goals are met, if not, facilitate in changing the intervention plan

Our holistic approach in providing occupational therapy enabled us to focus on providing a suitable environment for our patients to grow and improve and to satisfy them with the services we offer.

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