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Home Health Aides

doctor talking to an elderly womanOur home health aide service provides regular assessment and treatment of patients staying at home. We ensure adequate support is given to them through our personalized care treatment. Our services include:

  • Assessing the physical and mental condition of the patient
  • Providing regular workout routine to boost energy and strength
  • Assisting patients in doing household chores such as cooking, doing the laundry and running errands
  • Assisting patients in daily bathing, dressing and other grooming needs.
  • Teaching patients in using assistive devices and equipment
  • Teaching families the proper way to take care of their elderly
  • Monitoring proper and prescribed diet of patient to ensure proper nutrition intake
  • Ensuring cleanliness of the environment, removing all kinds of obstacles that would compromise their safety and security

Our caregivers are trained to create a safe and effective environment to maintain and promote health and healing of the patients. With their skills in health care administration, our home health care aid service will surely be a success.

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